Health and Safety

XLOAD eliminates the need to open the rail car to take level measurements, and potentially exposing workers to dangerous gases.


XLOAD improves environmental impacts by reducing spills through the provision of accurate heel level measurements.


XLOAD improves business performance and efficiencies by reducing load and unload times, delays and fines due to inaccurate data.


XLOAD contributes to the long-term potential of product-by-rail by modernizing rail cars and the rail transloading and unloading process.

The TRIG XLOAD Solution: Modernizing Rail Logistics to reduce risk, increase accuracy and improve business performance

Improve Health and Safety

TRIG’s XLOAD advanced sensor level measurement technology is designed to be mounted inside the dome lid on the fittings plate of the rail car and identify and measure the exact commodity in the rail car remotely, eliminating the need for workers to manually open the car to employ outgage gages or dipping to take measurements. TRIG XLOAD technology is engineered to be a completely closed process, eliminating any human exposure to dangerous gasses and ensuring worker health and safety.

Reduce Environmental Impacts

TRIG’s XLOAD high-tech level measurement is designed to give operators accurate measurements that can be quickly and safely loaded into a rail car. And by ensuring proper levels, the XLOAD sensors will prevent overfilling, releases and spills, events which are a common occurrence now.

Improve Business Performance

Reducing risk can increase revenue. By using TRIG’s XLOAD sophisticated sensors to collect accurate measurements, operators will be able to reduce load and unload times, delays and fines due to inaccurate data collection. TRIG’s XLOAD level measurement technology is designed to ensure rail cars are not shipped overweight, reducing process inefficiencies as well as reducing releases and spills and the resultant clean-up costs and fines.

The TRIG XLOAD advanced sensor technology will be retrofitted to existing cars during regular inspections or installed during manufacturing. Because the devices will help speed up the loading process and avoid spills and accompanying costs, it’s expected the devices will pay for themselves quickly, while also ensuring for the much safer transport of product.

Health and Safety Risks

While employing the current “open” process to measure and load rail cars, workers face significant health and safety issues. They’re at risk of inhaling dangerous gases such hydrogen sulphide (H2S) which is colorless, poisonous, corrosive, flammable and explosive.

While health and safety regulations mandate that workers filling cars wear a gas detection device, they do not have access to technology that can alert them to any potentially dangerous contents of the car before they open the manway or vent valve.

TRIG’s level measurement device will modernize the crude-by-rail transloading process. Learn more about the TRIG Solution.