TransRail Innovation Group's (TRIG) mission is to deliver technology solutions that advance the safety, environmental, business and regulatory performance of transporting product-by-rail.

Superior Tank Car Commodity Measurement and Monitoring

Delivering Optimal Health, Safety and Environment, and Logistics and Operations Results


Helping Terminal Operators Revolutionize
Rail Tank Car Loading Processes.

TRIG check mark Designed for terminal operations

TRIG check mark Intrinsically safe for working with hazardous commodities

TRIG check mark Reliable and rugged sensor engineering

TRIG check mark Functions for all non-pressure tank cars

TRIG check mark Integration with current terminal automation

Load More Tank Cars

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Increase Safety


Designed for Rail Shippers
Accurate and Reliable Level Measurement

TRIG check mark  Delivers Accurate Level, Volume and Temperature Measurement of Commodities

TRIG check mark  Providing High Resolution “Onload-Transit-to-Offload”  Inventory and Asset Visibility

TRIG check mark  Designed for rail shippers of liquid commodities

TRIG check mark  Certified Intrinsically Safe

TRIG check mark  Approved by the American Association of Railroads for Service Trial

TRIG check mark  Functions on 95% of Tanker Rail Cars

TRIG check mark  Effective for Most Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Liquid Commodities

Increase Through-Put

Optimize Transport Costs

Reduce Process Time

Additional Benefits of TRIG’s Level Measurement Sensor Solutions:

  • Health and Safety

    Eliminates the need to open the rail car to take level measurements, and potentially exposing workers to dangerous gases.

  • Environment

    Improves environmental impacts by reducing spills through the provision of accurate heel level measurements.

  • Business

    Increases business performance and efficiencies by reducing load and unload times, delays and fines due to inaccurate data.

  • Regulations

    Contributes to the long-term potential of product-by-rail by modernizing rail cars and the rail transloading and unloading process.


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